Dal 1934 ci prendiamo cura dei nostri vigneti, gestiti in biologico, per ottenere vini, che siano espressione genuina della nostra famiglia e del nostro territorio, le Marche.
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As native winegrowers, we treasure our environment and use sustainable practices in growing and vinifying our wine grapes.

Our organic farm spans 222 acres, with 172 acres dedicated to growing vines at elevations ranging from 100 and 250 meters.

Production protocols are defined for each estate, grape variety and portion of the vineyard.

A story of passion and dedication that combines the knowledge of the past with precision viticulture systems.

In fact, a constant monitoring allows us to manage soils, water resources and agronomic practices in an optimal and sustainable way.

We must try and prevent problems by being observant and
attentive and manage the vineyard so that it can withstand attacks.

Family Estates

After exploring several areas for vineyard property, Domenico concluded that Aso Valley was the best choice.

Our family began to select and plant our own vineyards in the 1934, using an intimate knowledge of the microclimate, soil variations and the many subtle growing factors which influence the characteristics of the grape and the resulting quality of wine.

We planted native varieties, such as Passerina, Pecorino and Montepulciano.

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The Cellar

The cellar is in Lido di Fermo, a few meters from the Adriatic Sea.

Since the end of the 40s, technological innovation has never stopped, enhancing production through constant research and improvement.

Our hands-on approach to winemaking, complemented by several years of experience, is giving consumers fresh, structured, fruit-forward wines that are reflective of a high quality winegrape growing region. The grape batches are all vinified separately.

Nowadays, our estates are in the Marche hills outside the villages Petritoli, Carassai and Sant’Elpidio a Mare, where we can receive higher quality, concentrated fruit with slightly cooler temperatures and winds both from the sea than from the Sibillini mountains.

The first vineyard in Aso Valley, where Pecorino grows in perfect synergy with the cohesion of the natural elements, and Le Rene vineyard in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, where Montepulciano reaches its best expression, are wisely cultivated by our family.

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Marche region is a fertile land that stretches from the Sibillini mountains to the green Adriatic Sea, through valleys and hills defined by all the colors of nature.

A place where the past survives the present, thanks to the small hilltop villages, rich in tradition and culture, in forest plots, orchards, vineyards, crops and small vegetables gardens. A quiet place with a laid-back lifestyle.

Calcareous, clay and limestone-rich soils contribute to the distinctive terroir. In Marche, grapes benefit from a Mediterranean climate with an interesting thermal excursion between day and night.