Dal 1934 ci prendiamo cura dei nostri vigneti, gestiti in biologico, per ottenere vini, che siano espressione genuina della nostra famiglia e del nostro territorio, le Marche.
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Our adventure began in 1934 in Carassai, a small village in the Marche hills, thanks to the intuition of our grandfather, Domenico Savini.

After the Second World War, together with his wife Luisa, he built the cellar a few meters from the Adriatic Sea and planted vineyards in Aso Valley.

Onorato and his wife Luigina also contributed over the years to making the winery known, distinguishing themselves for attention to the customer, honest behavior and hardworking hands.


Over the last 89 years, we have patiently transformed the 222-acre property into the largest family winery in Fermo. We have accepted the challenges of contemporary production with dedication, enhancing the native vines and working organically.

Cultivating Legacy

Our family controls every step of the wine-growing and winemaking process, from pruning to bottling and everything in between.

We have always been a family of winemakers. Nowadays Domenico, Giorgio, Vito, Martina and Maria Teresa Savini carry on the family tradition with respect and enthusiasm.

The wines are truly a collaborative effort of the entire vineyard and winemaking staff.


Much has changed from the original farm, but our family spirit and concrete commitment to our winery remain constant. We continuously seek new ways to refine and protect our legacy, so that it can thrive for generations to come.